Wall Mounting a Flat Screen TV

Wall Mounting Flat Screen TV

Wall Mounting Flat Screen TV.  It seems like everyone has a modern flat screen TV these days. Whether mounted on a wall, displayed on a TV stand or installed above a fireplace, these televisions can add real ambiance and décor to any room in your home.

Mounting a flat screen television over a fireplace has become quite popular. However, certain precautions must be considered to ensure that the TV doesn’t get damaged by the heat. Before installation, experiment with thermometers to make sure that the temperatures generated by the fireplace during normal use are within the heat guidelines in the user manual. Anchoring a flat TV above a fireplace is usually harmless with the appropriate distance and proper ventilation.

Before You Get Started

Once you have determined that the TV can be safety installed above the fireplace, the proper mount should be chosen. Wall mounts come in many sizes and styles specific to the type of display. Screen height as well as electronic specifications must also be considered.

Step by Step Instructions

Helpful Hint:  Make sure the diameter of the anchor used will fit correctly through the holes in the bracket/wall mount.  If not, you may have to slightly enlarge the hole in the bracket.

Basic instructions follow:

  • Cut-out and install the wall-boxes that you will use for cabling.
  • Using a level, determine the desired height of the display.
  • Next, attach the mount to the brick fireplace.
  • Using a hammer drill, drill a hole (the same diameter as the anchor diameter) using a carbide-tipped masonry bit.
  • Clear the hole of all debris using, a vacuum or wire brush
  • Insert the Sleeve Anchor into the hole and make sure it is secure and positioned correctly. Continue to insert each anchor into the correct bracket.
  • Position the mount in the desired position. Tighten all nuts to ensure the mount is secure.
  • Carefully hang the flat screen to the mount (ask for another’s help if necessary), making sure to check that any safety tabs are in place for extra security.

When anchoring into brick, it is sometimes necessary to anchor to the mortar joint, depending on where the holes in the bracket line-up. Mortar can be an excellent base material to improve holding values but will depend on the quality and quantity of the mortar in the joint. Anchoring into brick only will also work in some applications.

Once you have determined the type, size and number of fasteners needed, you can proceed with installation.

As with any home improvement or anchoring project, it is important to keep safety in mind and follow instructions carefully. Always remember to wear safety goggles, handle all tools with extra care, and follow all technical and electronic specifications. This article is meant to serve as a basic overview of the steps to complete this project. Always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions or consult a contracting expert. With a little research, planning and patience you are now ready to sit back, relax and enjoy your new flat screen TV for years to come!