Choosing Curtain Furniture

Choosing Curtain Furniture

Choosing Curtain Furniture Introduction Choosing Curtain Furniture. There are several variations of curtains and poles available.  This is a great way to ensure the colour scheme will match when decorating a room. Curtain Poles & Tracks What is the difference […]

Plumbing Washing Machines

Plumbing washing machines

Plumbing washing machines Plumbing washing machines and dishwashers are very similar. Replacing an existing one is a much easier task than starting from scratch for which you may want to get a plumber in. Dishwashers/washing machines need: To be level […]

Building brick pillars for driveway gates

Building brick pillars

Building brick pillars Here’s a way of building sturdy supports for your driveway gates. Things you’ll need String lines Pegs Bricks Shovel Sledgehammer Builder’s sand Bricklaying trowel Concrete slabs The steps to follow Determine the opening for your gate and […]

How to replace a toilet seat

Toilet seat replacement

Toilet seat replacement. What Type of Toilet do I Have? Modern toilets have standard hole centres. Replacement toilet seat kits usually have adjustment to allow fitting to the older or non standard types as well. It is essential that the […]

Fitting Plaster Coving to improve the look of your room.

Fitting Plaster coving

Fitting Plaster coving. Required Tools A plastic mitre block. Check that it is designed for cutting coving & that your coving fits! Ideally get one that marks out all the internal & external coving mitre cuts for you. A saw […]