Simple way to Keep Paint Tin Rims Clean

Simple way to Keep Paint Tin Rims Clean

When we use paint from directly from the tin, we normally remove excess paint from the brush by stroking it against the rim.  If you wrap a rubber band across the tin opening, you can stroke the brush against this instead, allowing the paint to drip directly back into the centre of the tin.  This will keep the rim of the tin free from paint and allow the lid to replaced without mess and the lid can be more easily removed for subsequent use.

After opening the can, place a section of aluminium foil over the edge of the can and down the side.

This will allow you to work using the brush on the foil instead of the can. The size of the can is not an issue and if required paint can be transferred from a large can to a smaller work can or roller tray without creating a mess.

After the job is finished, remove and dispose of the foil and the lid can the be tapped back on without fear of a backsplash.

Another way is by taking a nail and knocking a few holes into the rim of the tin where the lid edge goes. This allows the paint to drain back into the tin. When you place the lid back it seals these holes so your paint does not go off.