Removing a Broken Light Bulb

Removing a Broken Light Bulb

Removing a Broken Light Bulb should be one of the easiest DIY tasks in a new home. However, if the previous owners have screwed in the bulbs too tightly, used the wrong input or left the light bulbs for a long time, they may become stuck in the ceiling fixture. This can cause the light bulb to break in your hand when attempting to remove it, leaving you will a broken, jagged light bulb base emanating from the ceiling.

Protect yourself from lacerations when removing this jagged half-bulb with this simple hack. Find the largest potato you can from a vegetable section of your local supermarket or greengrocer and cut it in half. Grip the base of the potato, push it over the broken bulb so the jagged edges penetrate the potato’s flesh. When the potato has a good grip, twist the bulb and loosen it from the fitting.

Quick setting epoxy

Quick setting epoxy paired with a screwdriver can also help remove a broken bulb.

Sometimes, broken bulbs are in hard-to-reach places. When this is the case, you can also use some quick setting epoxy to remove the light bulb base from the socket.

First, be sure to cut power to the light source and clean any remaining glass from the base. Next, Instructables user SpinningCone suggests mixing up a piece of epoxy putty and packing it into the bulb base. Once packed, press a flat head screwdriver into the epoxy, then remove the screw driver.