Protect the surface when pulling a nail

Protect surface pulling nail

We can damage a surface when we pull a nail.  It is not until we come to paint the door frames or picture rails, we notice that a nail has been left in the surface.  There is a quick way to protect the surface when pulling a nail from being damaged.  Place a putty knife or paint scraper next to the nail and use a claw hammer pivoting  on the flat metal blade to remove the nail.

No matter the reason for needing to pulling the nail, there’s a little trick to removing nails with as little damage to the surface you are removing the nail from as possible.

The trick is to use a fulcrum.  It allows you to apply more force with less effort — like the center of a teeter-totter.  Using special pliers that have a rounded jaw create a fulcrum point that you can rest on the wood and gently roll back and the nail pulls right out.

If you have nails that are a little too far in for the hammer to grip, try end-cutting pliers, also called nippers.  Just grip the nail and rock the cutters back and forth. Keep taking it down to the base of the nail until you have the entire nail out.