Prevent hitting thumb when using a hammer

Prevent hitting thumb when using a hammer

A tip to prevent hitting thumb when using a hammer – We do a lot of DIY around here, and when it comes to fixing up anything in your home, you’re probably going to have to hammer a few nails. This trick is so simple, I’m shocked we didn’t think of it before‚ÄĒespecially with all the bruised thumbs I’ve had over the years. Just hold the nail with a clothes-peg or your pliers, hammer it in enough to get it stable, and then finish the job.

You can use a piece of cardboard to hold the nail. There are some variation in this method:

  1. make a hole and put the nail inside, you can tear the cardboard when the nail is embedded enough
  2. make a cut in the cardboard and put the nail inside, you can use this for several nails without need to tear it
  3. for bigger nails make a stripe of cardboard and wrap it around the nail so that you can hold the two ends of the stripe

Holding the hammer in the very far outer part of the handle will give you more precision (just the opposite of what many beginners do).¬† Also using a heavier hammer will make you able to hit the nail with a lower speed and still push it through the wood — this also means that if you miss the nail, you can stop the hammer faster (someone good at physics can probably tell you why … in the meantime, just try it).

The trick is not to hold the nail when you are swinging your hammer hard. Hold the nail and gently tap with the hammer just enough so the nail will stick in the wood without having to hold it. After that, you can drive it home.

Another trick is to pre-drill the hole with a tiny drill bit before hammering it in. This should allow you to push the nail into the hole enough with your fingers before nailing it in. It will also help prevent the wood from splitting.

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