Choosing Curtain Furniture

Choosing Curtain Furniture


Choosing Curtain Furniture. There are several variations of curtains and poles available.  This is a great way to ensure the colour scheme will match when decorating a room.

Curtain Poles & Tracks

What is the difference between curtain poles and tracks?

  • Curtain tracks can only be used to hang pencil-pleat curtains
  • Curtain poles can hang both pencil pleat and eyelet curtains.

Why choose curtain tracks?

Curtain tracks are made from white plastic or metal, and sit close to the wall. Curtains are hung, using curtain hooks, from ‘gliders’ which move smoothly along the curtain track.

Curtain tracks tend to be less visible than curtain poles and make an excellent choice when you would prefer your soft furnishings to make a statement, or are looking for a more minimalist, clutter free option.  Curtain tracks can be painted to match the wall behind for an ‘invisible’ look, plus tracks can easily be fitted to bay windows. Corded versions make it easy to pull your curtains, and are an ideal option when mounting curtains above a high window.

Why choose curtain poles?

Curtains poles are available in a range of materials, finishes and colours and can be used with a variety of curtain types, making this a versatile choice for most homes. Choosing the right curtain pole can help to make a feature of your room, and it is easy to add style and individuality to your space by choosing complementary finials.

Choosing curtain tracks

Choose the right weight of track for your curtains – unlined and or shorter length curtains suit lightweight track, lined and long length curtains will require heavier weight track

Decide whether you would prefer corded or uncorded track. Corded tracks make it easy to draw your curtains, and are an ideal choice where the window may be difficult to reach

Don’t forget: If not included in the curtain track pack, you will need curtain hooks to hang your curtains

Choosing curtain poles

Consider the weight and type of curtains you will be hanging. Heavier curtains (such as lined, or long length curtains) the wider the diameter of pole you will require. Lightweight curtains can be hung on a 13 to 16mm or 16 to 19mm pole.  Heavyweight curtains will require a 25 to 28mm pole or larger.

Wood curtain poles suit classic; traditional or rustic interiors.  Metal suits many interiors from traditional to sleek contemporary. The finish or colour of the pole will also help to dictate the overall look.

Choose whether you prefer to buy a curtain pole kit containing brackets, curtain rings and finials or if you prefer to add individuality by mixing and matching

If you plan to hang pencil pleat curtains from a pole then you will require curtain rings and curtain hooks to attach the curtain to the rings. Consider adding extra rings to the pole if you want a more gathered look

What length of curtain pole or track should I choose?

Begin by measuring the width of the window recess, and allow an extra 15-20cm either side of this. If you are planning to hang heavyweight or wide curtains add a further allowance on either side. If you are unsure of how much allowance you will need, consider extendable length poles and track

I have a bay window, what are my options?

Both can be fitting to bay windows. Opt for plastic tracks which can be bent by hand to fit a curve.  Use additional brackets to ensure that it fits close to the wall.  If you would prefer curtain poles, look for metal curtain pole kits designed for bay windows. These include flexible bay window joining pieces which ‘add curves’ between straight lengths of pole.