Building brick pillars for driveway gates

Building brick pillars

Here’s a way of building sturdy supports for your driveway gates.

Things you’ll need

String lines
Builder’s sand
Bricklaying trowel
Concrete slabs

The steps to follow

  1. Determine the opening for your gate and decide on the style of the gate. Purchase the gates from your local DIY shop
  2. Wrap a string line around two pegs to stretch a line between the two pillars you plan to build
  3. Next you’ll need to lay a solid foundation to support the brick pillars.
  4. Bury the base of an L-shaped steel bar in the centre of the foundation where the brick pillar will be built. Make sure the base of the steel bar is completely buried in the concrete. This will further reinforce and stabilise the pillar
  5. Let the mortar fully set and dry for a day before laying your course of bricks
  6. Build the brick pillar around the steel bar. Fill the space between the steel bar and brick with concrete, as you continue building the pillar
    Note: A standard size for brick pillars is about 1.5 bricks squared.
  7. After you’ve set out the measurements for your brick pillars and set the foundation, start making the mortar mixture
  8. For each course of brick you build, don’t forget to use a spirit level to make sure the bricks are level
  9. When you’ve reached your planned height, finish off by capping the pillars with stone slabs
  10. Applying a layer of mortar on the underside of the stone slab
  11. Place it at the top of the brick pillar
  12. Let the mortar dry and set before fitting the driveway gate